Renewal: A Rosary Restoration

Here’s a little look into some of the bead work I do! This was my favorite rosary, given to me by my parents on the day of my First Communion. Two Christmases ago, I was doing laundry and *cringe* forgot that I had left the rosary in my pocket (you’d think I’d learn from experience the first time this happened, but apparently not!). The Hail Mary beads – which had been a beautiful silvery-pearl color – were completely stripped of their paint, and the metal – aside from the centerpiece and crucifix – had turned from silver to pink. Heartbroken, I put the pitiful looking thing in the little box it came in and stowed it away in the basement with the rest of my childhood keepsakes.

A couple months ago, I was going through those keepsakes and came across the old rosary. I resolved that I needed to do something it, either by fixing it up myself or asking a more experienced friend for assistance. A few weeks later, I found some beads online that were similar to the Hail Mary beads that needed replacing and I got to work! Truthfully, I am still sad that the rosary will never be what it was, but I think that it turned out beautifully and am glad I didn’t just leave it abandoned in the basement!

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