Here I Am Again… Some Updates

My apologies, dear readers, for not having written for quite a while (I’m a little scared to look back and to see how long ago it really has been!). With each year of school, I become more and more certain that studies really are a full time job, plus overtime, plus take-home work with a little bit of sleep (maybe?) squeezed in. It would be an understatement to say that quite a bit has been going on. There has been a lot of wrapping things up in regards to school and a lot of planning ahead for the future – prayers would be greatly appreciated as things move forward. Because of the uncertainty of the events of the next year or two, I cannot promise to swing by my blog terribly often this year, but it is not an abandoned project. My hope is that when things settle into place I’ll actually have more time for writing, both on my blog and also on some fiction projects that have been dwelling patiently in the back of my mind.

Second update: I have stepped down from being the president of the Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Praesidium a semester early, and, sadly, have taken a leave of absence from the group altogether. As much as it broke my heart, I determined that I needed  to do this for the sake of my classes and my sanity. I did do what I could to help the transition of leadership be an easy one, and the group is still thriving under the new management – they even have a legionary making his Promise this upcoming Monday! Please continue to pray with me for their future success in serving our Lord with Momma Mary and an increase in membership.

One final update is that I’m now happily engaged! My fiancé was once a part of the Legion (which is how we became friends) and is – if it can be believed – more obsessed with Momma Mary than I am! I’d love to incorporate some of my adventures and experiences with him into my blog, but, understandably, my time will also be directed toward wedding plans on top of everything else!

Never fear, though! More posts will eventually come! For now I’ve decided to do two things. First, below is one of the poems I wrote for my Creative Writing class last semester (because yes, she attempts to write poetry on occasion!).  It’s about one of my friends from my freshman year who is always full of joy and is truly “childlike” at heart. May need some editing in the future, but here it is so far!

Second, I have another, rather large, post in the works that I’d like to have up in the next couple of days/weeks, so stay tuned!

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us! Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!



A typical spring afternoon

gifts us with wet teardrop crystals.

Mischievous droplets kiss

            my cheek,

                        my nose,

                                    my glasses,

making it their goal to blind me.

My friend – mirth bubbling from her heart –

cackles out and, with wide grin threatening

to swallow her face, dares God:

            Make it pour!

Her arms fly past her head:

she clocks the air out

with both fists,

while loping down the hill

on her favorite imaginary steed

and thanking God for Kansas storms.